Multiple ES on one node

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to run two Elasticsearch on one node and I'm having some issues.

Why two ES on one node ?
I'll use the tribe node and, as you know, a node configured as a tribe node is a read only node. But I also want to use Kibana with the tribe node.
So my idea is to create two ES on one server.
Elasticsearch A : for running of Kibana.
Elasticsearch B : for the tribe node.

The Elasticsearch A will be included in the tribe node.

I found some articles :

I try a lot of thing and can't manage to make it work.
I try to launch an ES node with the command /usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch -Des.path.conf=/tmp/elk/elasticsearch.yml and by changing the options but its not working ...

The server is running on Ubuntu 16.04.

Can you help me with that :smile: ?
Thanks !