Need help to figure out what functionality is free

Hi! I'm confused a lot that there are oss version &. non-oss version of elasticsearch (v. 7.10). I understand that one is open source version. But what does it change for me? For example, can it be situation that I use features that are not free? And the same question if I upgrade to 7.14, because this version hasn't oss.

All this time I used oss version. Until I need to create point in time, which is not available in oss version. So can it be non-free feature? I tried to find info if pagination or PIT is has to be paid but found nothing.

I'm also interested to use 7.14 version (or at least non-oss 7.10) in app that has commercial use. Is it allowed? Is it allowed if I use PIT?


Have a look at the Subscriptions | Elastic Stack Products & Support | Elastic page.
You will see what is available for free and what requires a subscription.

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