Need to decrease Kibana loading time


I am new to ELK and I could not find how I can decrease the kibana loading time, when I load it the first time then vendors.bundle.dll.js files takes almost 1 min to load, its size is 32MB and when I open discover page then I have to wait approx 2 mins to load all the data, I know I have large docs count (233248) but I am pretty much sure that there must be some kind of settings or configuration from which I can do this, so can someone please help me ?

There is nothing you can do to speed up the vendors.boundle.dll.js generation. There is also nothing you can do to speed up the initial kibana load time while all javascript is loaded.

You can speed up discover if it is taking a long time to load results. Discover displays the first matching 500 documents. If you have a large field in the document, loading those 500 results could take a long time. Configure source filters for your index pattern to exclude large fields from Discover requests.


Thanks for your quick reply Nathan, I have reduced the samplesize as well to load minimum results now discover page is loading very fast.

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