Need to enable authentication for Kibana 6.6.2

Hi Team,
I need to enable authentication for Kibana 6.6.2. Could not find exact shield installable for this version. Could you please let me know the correct shield installable for this version. Also, I could see that x-pack is enabled by default for versions above 6.3. Does that mean that x-pack is open source now?

HI @harika.gudumasu,

Some feature of X-pack is opened in 6.x series but some features are paid. Please find below link for subscription details.

i dont think so that shield support 6.x series as latest version of shield is 2.4.6 which is compatible with 2.4.6.

Harsh Bajaj

Hi Harsh,

Can I install and use shield 2.4.6 for ElasticStack 6.6.2 ?Is it compatible?

i don't think you can use this shield version for 6.x series as in shield documentation clearly mentioned that compatible with 2.4.6.

You can use x-pack for the same under paid version.

Harsh Bajaj

Ok, Thankyou

Hi Harsh,
I am trying to check on installing X-pack for 6.6.2.
However it says as below.
"The following installation instructions are only valid for versions 6.2 and older. In versions 6.3 and later, X-Pack is included with the default distributions of Elastic Stack, with all free features enabled by default"
But I don't see any available within plugins of my elasticsearch and kibana folders.

Yes, x-pack is already installed in your version you dont need to install it.

You need to enable the license and use security feature.

Harsh Bajaj

Harsh, Is it mandatory to enable SSL/TLS before enabling authentication?

No, its not mandatory.

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