No data returned in visualization (6.3.2 version)

I recently had to rebuild my index from scratch and import all dashboards/visualizations; now I have an issue creating a new visualization and/or using an existing imported visualization; I see no buckets returned, even a simple count in a visualization returns 0 docs; however a query using dev tools returns the values I expect to see.

If I run 'GET _cat/indices/mm2_stats*?v&s=index' in dev tools the following is returned:
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health status index uuid pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size
yellow open mm2_stats-2019.05.08 EZvm9rPkQLKCBl1eKnD6SA 5 1 1121113 0 652.6mb 652.6mb
yellow open mm2_stats-2019.05.09 Q54Eq0dKTjOmnFyAkFr7Mw 5 1 336 0 1.7mb 1.7mb
yellow open mm2_stats-2019.05.10 I4g_C8GlTIiTu3mcm-VDSg 5 1 336 0 2mb 2mb
yellow open mm2_stats-2019.05.11 jY88KwuJTii_E0gUP-HWwA 5 1 336 0 1.6mb 1.6mb
yellow open mm2_stats-2019.05.12 FHW0HcndQ32Kfh3vTwVrqQ 5 1 316 0 845.3kb 845.3kb
yellow open mm2_stats-2019.05.13 PkWpaXGzQbuj2WaL5y1ujg 5 1 356 0 2.1mb 2.1mb
yellow open mm2_stats-2019.05.14 1kXMRPZ9RaidxxCMTEH19A 5 1 196 0 1.4mb 1.4mb

But if I create a new gauge visualization using the mm2_stats-* index I see a document count of 0.

Has anyone had this issue before?

First, I would work on getting the status of your indices to green. Does the timepicker you have selected include the dates for which your data spans?

The status yellow just indicates that this single node implementation. The time settings are correct;

Finally found my issue; I had used an old field as the date field within the index, this field no longer exists hence my lack of data returned by any query.

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