No timepicker shown despite date field is recognized correctly

Hi There,

I just imported the sample logstash data in ES' website. It seems like it imported the data just fine and is able to detect @timestamp as a date field:

However there is no timepicker shown in Kibana at the top right corner and no histogram is shown in Discover tab:

Any ideas?

When creating your index pattern, you need to select the date field to act as the Time Filter field.

If set correctly, there should be an icon next to the field in the field list in management.

Hi @BigFunger,

The data I imported was on ES' site which I downloaded via this link. I imported it using ES' bulk API which the exact same cURL command. After it's imported, I did selected the checkbox:

Unfortunetely, it doesn't show the icon you mentioned. :frowning:

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