No X-PACK plugins loaded by default?


I read that in ECK, the X-PACK plugins were already loaded.

But when I try GET /_cat/plugins I get nothing.

Is this because X-PACK is not in the style of plugins anymore and its already there as core funtionnalities or I just don't have any X-PACK plugings and need to install them ?

Using ECK v1.0
Env: On premise


X-Pack and plugins are two different things.

X-Pack is an Elastic Stack extension that provides security, alerting, monitoring, reporting, machine learning, and many other capabilities. By default, when you install Elasticsearch, X-Pack is installed.

Plugins are a way to enhance the basic Elasticsearch functionality in a custom manner.

Thanks for your answer.

I have being misled by the sentence "xpack plugin" which I saw here and there...

Now everything's clear.