Not able to add Elasticsearch Cloud in Azure due to required "Subscription owner" permission not allowed


We are looking to try Elasticsearch in Azure for analyzing the application's log data. To do this, I planned on creating an instance in Azure, but I get an error message at creation – “Validation failed. Only subscription owners may create this instance”.

Unfortunately, owners in azure subscription are not allowed in my company for security reasons.
What is the need to allow only subscription owners, can the Contributor role be used instead? Would the Owner role be required later for maintaining this setup?

Any response to this is very much appreciated.


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Are you referring to our Elasticsearch Service on Azure?

Yes, correct.

This is a requirement from Azure themselves, please see Native Azure integration | Elasticsearch Service Documentation | Elastic

Thank you so much for the link, Mark.
I think this gives a lot of clarity on the need for "Owner" permission.

I don't want to integrate and monitor any of our Azure resources, but just want to send my application's logs and monitor those. So, in this case, is Elastic Cloud from Azure not the right solution? Is there any cloud solution for this?

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