Not getting complete data on Reports

Hi Team,

We have multiple reports created using data table visualization, each report are having multiple bucket aggregations (term aggregation).

Whenever we set the size to 10 data in reports is getting rendered without any issues. But with size 10 we are not getting complete data as we have more unique values in our data set.

When we increase the size of term aggregations to 100 or more than 100 we are encountering an error (Screenshot is attached for reference) and data in the reports is not getting refreshed.

We have few business-critical reports wherein users would require to extract complete day data in the reports but due to max_bucket restriction and time_out error we are not able to populate complete data in the reports. Please let us know how to fix this issue.



The screenshot is missing - can you please attach it? It will help the team to see what kind of error?


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