Offline installation of X-Pack

I have downloaded x-pack-5.0.0.zipand extracted it in a folder like /setup/ Here I have seen the command;

bin/elasticsearch-plugin install x-pack

But how can I specify the folder here? I have tried;

./elasticsearch-plugin install /setup/x-pack-5.0.0/elasticsearch

but it says;

A tool for managing installed elasticsearch plugins

list - Lists installed elasticsearch plugins
install - Install a plugin
remove - Removes a plugin from elasticsearch

Non-option arguments:

Option         Description
------         -----------
-h, --help     show help
-s, --silent   show minimal output
-v, --verbose  show verbose output
ERROR: Unknown plugin /setup/x-pack-5.0.0/elasticsearch

How can I fix this?

There is nothing in the instructions around unzipping the file, you need to point the plugin command at the zip file instead.

It's showing error;

ERROR: Unknown plugin /setup/

Is that the full path to the file?

yes it is

Per the docs, the command is bin/elasticsearch-plugin install file:///path/to/file/ So you need to do bin/elasticsearch-plugin install file:///setup/

You have not added the file:// part.


That solved the problem. Thanks :slight_smile:

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