One visualization and multiple interval

Hello evryone,

I would like to have one visualization and show data in multiple interval (Hourly, Daily, Weekly , Monthly, Yearly) without create multipl visualization

I saw onthis link , that it is impossible, but it dates from 2017, is it possible with kibana 7?

Hey @broly21 the interval is configured on the visualization itself and actually it's a static value, if set to auto it usually compute a nice interval based on the time interval you are looking at, if not it can be configured to a specific value. We don't have the option to choose the interval from the dashboard, or show multiple version of the save visualization in a single visualization.

I think you can maybe achieve that creating a Vega visualization

With Vega you can build a lot of different chart type and you can also decouple the visualization from the time picker or build multiple different charts on the same one like:

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