Optimizing and caching bundels for ml during developing my own kibana plugin

Hi !
I was developing my own kibana plugin.
I made $my plugin name folder below kibana-extra folder by using kibana 6.4 plugin generator.
But when i executed kibana,

Optimizing and caching bundels for ml, stateSessionStorageRedirect, status page, timelion, graph,
monitoring, login, logout, dashboardViewer, apm and kibana. This may take a few minutes.

such a log appeared and it has not finished over 30 minutes.
Is it normal? Do i have to wait more? or is there a something wrong in my settings?
I'm using kibana 6.4, elasticsearch 6.4, node 8.11.4 and the shape of folder tree is

------------- (kibana source code like bin folder, package.json, scripts .etc and i run kibana is this folder)
------------- $my_plugin_name
---------------- ( package.json, index.js etc.)

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@azasypkin can we please get some help here?


Hi! bhavyarm, thanks for your reply.
After much effort, I finally solved it myself !
This problem was caused by the location of the executable folder when executing 'yarn start' command.
I executed 'yarn start' in my_plugin_name folder, not kibana and it worked very well !

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