Overlay GeoShapes without filtering in Kibana 5 Tilemap

(Seth S) #1

I'm using Kibana 5.3.0 and have a use case as follows:

I want to be able to overlay multiple (ideally semi-opaque) Geoshapes on a Kibana Tilemap, but not apply a filter to that data.

####Am I able to create multiple polygons to filter on in a single tilemap in Kibana?

####Am I able to create one or many polygons that are visible on a tilemap but not filtered on?

####Is there any planned support for bucketizing points on a geomap past the geolocation?

  • e.g. keyword: true maps as green and keyword:false maps as red

Is this currently possible? I've been looking through the geoQuery documentation and can't currently find what I'm looking for.

(Mark Walkom) #2

You can't do this at the moment, but it's a good idea so please do raise a feature request on github! :smiley:

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(Mark Walkom) #4

Thank you!

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