Dashboard with combines geo_point and geo_shape

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I'm using Kibana 5.0.1 and have a problem.

I have a dashboard that takes data from one index with a geo_point, and I am using a tile map. That works as it should.

Now I have added a data table to my dashboard from another index that contains a geo_shape (polygons of counties), but when I draw a rectangle it will show up with this is error:

Visualize: failed to find geo_point field [location]

Should it be able to support this?

And of course I have updated the mappings, so in the first index the location is set to geo_point (so tile map works) and in the other one it is set to geo_shape. I have used the field name location in the first index and location1 in the other one.

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This sounds like a bug, does https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/5872 look similar?

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