Percentages in visualizations without a range

What I am trying to do is to have a visualization of my warn, info, error and missing level fields of my logs as a percentage it's why I added this fields with a grok filter and put it all in a goal vizu but when I use the percentage box it does a percentage by a range
How can I have a percentage of all my logs without this range (the auto extend range don't works)?

with no percentage :

with percentage mode and range 10000 :

What I want for this cas is to have 79% missing, 20% info, 0.9% warn and 0.1% error approximatively

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Hmm, I don't believe this is currently possible. The percentage mode shows the value as a percentage of a fixed number, not as a percentage of the sum of the values.

I believe what you're looking for is similar to this feature request:

You can feel free to open a new feature request as well.


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