Please keep the old expand document, the new "pop-out" makes everything slow

We just upgraded version and expanding a document in the table is now in a popup covering halv the screen.
Before this change it was shown as more details below every row, making it possible to view details on multiple rows at the same time.

Additional to this, it is not mobile friendly.
The new expand document

What is the idea behind this change? It would be really nice if this would be configurable.
As I understand this is possible to manage with using legacy GUI for specific spaces, but since it's called legacy, it's probably going to removed at some time.

Please go back to the old, or make it configurable.

Hi @blommis

thanks for your feedback on the new discover UI.
Some of the ideas behind the new redesign can be found here: The evolution of Discover in Kibana | Elastic Blog .

I see how the new redesign might make it a bit harder to perform documents comparison.

@matw created some time ago an idea about document diffing for Discover: [Discover][EuiDataGrid] Add document/field diffing · Issue #93567 · elastic/kibana · GitHub . Would you think that can help with the comparison task or were you thinking about something else?

Feel free to open a new enhancement request if you think an alternative approach can be achieved: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub


Hi @Marco_Liberati
Thanks for the links. I see the idea behind it and I think it's a nice way of improvement. And I like the suggestion from Kertal.

At the same time, if I want to "scroll through" documents easily, I first need to select all of the ones I want to scroll through, and then click "next document" inside the pop-out.

I didn't see any other post about this, which I actually think is kinda weird.
It's not only me, but probably most people where I work that didn't really like this change.

We created a legacy space, but my fear is that this "legacy" probably will be removed one day.

Here's a proposal to use a "pushover" version of the flyout for the document panel to keep the documents list still full in view. Would this help in your case?

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Appreciate your feedback @blommis
About the scrolling through documents, you could set the row height to Auto fit, then you would see the whole document
However I guess the "Document" blob would make comparing hard. So why not selecting the fields of interest to compare?
You could then use the checkbox to select the documents of interest, and select "Show selected documents only" and scroll through them. So you could compare by scrolling.

I know it needs a few more clicks than the original way, however, I think this is the closest we can get.

I'm interested hearing in your use case, which kind of data do you usually use. and when you expanded multiple documents in the old table, for what kind of information were you looking?


I think that could be a good improvement!

I actually think the flyout version of Marco was a nice improvement and could probably help a bit.
Yeah the document blob comparing is not very friendly.
I think the new functionality is nice to have, but without removing the old functionality of "drop-down". I see it can be a bit too much to have the both.

I normally expand a document, go to another, expand and check it, sometimes i need to check document 1,5,6, 10, back to 1.
Now i would need check them, click them to be able to "scroll through" the interesting ones.
And being able to have multiple documents open, and at the same time having all other documents there to be able to get the full picture, and only the ones that are extra interesting open.

One of our colleagues also said the popout is not working very well on phone (smaller screen).

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