Plot a table with custom rule based color in background


I want to plot a table with custom rule based color for each cell. so, for below table, if debt is more than income, it should be red. if income is more than debt, it should be green. is this possible? how?


Hi @Tukaram, I don't think that the solution you're aiming for is possible, but you could achieve similar effect using runtime field. You could create a custom runtime field that calculates the difference between the two:

and then color this in your visualization:

Let me know if this is helpful.

Thanks, how you are setting custom color here? I can push diff as separate field as well.

I mean, are these colors rule based? for positive, its green and negative its red?

You can configure it by clicking on the dimension button from the config panel on the right side and then on 'color', for example that would be a config for two ranges (smaller than zero and equal or bigger than zero):

I am using 7.16.2 and dont see any option for 'color by Value' or color after text alignment.

That's strange, the feature was released in 7.14. Are you sure you're clicking on the right dimension? Could you paste a screenshot of what you see?

this is what all I got.

Are you checking the right dimension? In the example below, it's 'metrics' you should be looking at, not rows.

Well, interesting, I could not find that option on existing fields but tried adding new and its there. Great! will give it try.

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