Plugins does not load ES 2.4

(Wilfred Itte) #1

I built the plugin (analysis-icu, version 2.4) and copied the jars (elasticsearch-analysis-icu*.jar and its dependent jars) to ES directory (/Users/witte/Documents/elasticsearch-2.4.0/plugins). So my plugins directory looks something like this (/Users/witte/Documents/elasticsearch-2.4.0/plugins/anaysis-icu/elasticsearch-analysis-icu*.jar , /Users/witte/Documents/elasticsearch-2.4.0/plugins/analysis-icu/icu4j*.jar and /Users/witte/Documents/elasticsearch-2.4.0/plugins/analysis-icu/lucene-analyzers-icu-*.jar).

But when I restart the nodes in my cluster, I see the plugins not loaded. The files have 644 and directory has 755 permissions. Any help would be appreciated.

(Mujtaba Hussain) #2

When you restart the nodes and plugins fail to load, is there any indication in the logs as to what might be failing?

(Ryan Ernst) #3

Jars are not the only thing in a plugin. There is also plugin descriptor and (possibly) a security file.

However, why are you trying to copy a plugin installation? You would also be missing configuration files (which some plugins have), that are in the elasticsearch config directory. The best way to manage plugins is with the elasticsearch-plugin tool.

(Wilfred Itte) #4

The file system I have is read only and I cannot manually run the elasticsearch-plugin tool. For e.g.
elasticsearch-analysis-icu*.jar does have a plugin descriptor, but does not load.

[2017-09-06 15:51:23.171 GMT] INFO |||||| main org.elasticsearch.plugins [] loaded [], sites []

I was wondering if I need to specify anything during ES startup or I wonder if there's something to do with file permissions.

(Note : this works fine locally. But doesn't on my cluster). Again I am doing this as part of ES upgrade from 1.x to 2.x. The plugins i had currently are loaded via classpath which is no longer supported in 2.x.

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