Possibility of sorting and filtering the bucket keys as part of Term aggregation in Bar graph?

I'm trying to visualize a particular usecase described below, I'm unable to figure our if such a way is possible on Kibana (Timelion or Vertical graph). Appreciate any help/suggestion

Usecase: Every ES doc contains a username belonging to an organisation with the number of exports done (possibly multiple times a day). I'm trying to visualise all the usernames which have exported beyond a particular threshold value (say 100) on a daily basis.

Kibana Viz: Along with the Sum metric aggregation, I'm able to make use of term & histogram aggregation to visualize the total exports for all the users on a daily basis. However I would like to filter out the usernames (terms) which have total exports below a threshold (sort and filter) and not display them on the Viz.


This is possible indeed. Just create your visualization and in the Advanced JSON when you do a split per username, you need to add "min_doc_count": 10 where 10 is the value you want.

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