Purpose of TSVB Aggregation feature under Options tab for TSVB table

Hello All,
In the TSVB panel for Table, I can find choices to aggregate under two different places..

  1. Under the metrics tab
  2. Under the options tab

    There is some special reason/ use of having two aggregation choices here ?


I'm one of the engineers who works on these products and I didn't even know about option 2. Option 1 is the only way to select metrics in TSVB, and it looks like option 2 is just broken.

What I can tell you is that Option 2 is implementing the "Series agg" function of TSVB, which lets you apply a second level of aggregation on the existing data. So for example, if you have "Sum of downloaded for each of the top 100 host names" you can then apply a second level of aggregation display this as a single number, instead of 100 separate numbers.

Thanks for the clarification :grinning:

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