Queries on the blog "Implementing Atlas Statistical Anomaly Detector Using Elasticsearch"

I am new to elasticsearch..I have read a blog "Implementing a statistical anomaly detector part-1" in the following link


I tried to implement this in my system to see how it works and get an understanding of how it works.But i have some problem due to which am not able to get proper graphs that shows anomalies. i think I have not understood how to use the script in the part-1..

There is a script with the headine "Implementing Atlas using Elasticsearch". Do we write that script in the kibana console? or where do we need to write that? I have tried writing the script in kibana and i tried to get the timelion graph for 90th percentile..i am getting a flat line..Can u please let me know how and where should i use that script? Can someone please help me out.. Thanks in advance..

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