Query,aggregation and buckets

Hi all.
I need a bit of help regarding aggregations and buckets to create visualizations and dashboards.

I have metricbeat running on a kubernetes cluster and I need to create alerts in case some pods go down.

Not sure how to do it cause I need to check first if the desired replicas are matching the runnings ones then in case they are not trigger the alerts.

Any idea or specific docs are appreciated.

I think you're asking for too many things in this question, you seem to be asking about creating visualizations but also about creating alerts. The way that Kibana sets this up, those two things are not directly related.

I see but still having to create an alert I need some queries in my data in order to create it.

What I don't understand properly is the aggregations and buckets which seems to be a bit confusing to me.

anyway thanks

I think it would benefit you to:

  1. Read the aggregation docs, and use the Kibana dev tools to try to construct your query

  2. Look at the JSON structure of the advanced watcher example, and use the Simulate watcher button to test out your query

thanks heaps

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