Querying multiple indexes using dev tools


Can anyone help me how to query using two indexes in dev tools of kibana?
i have two indexes created with different set of data and fields.

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GET /index1,index2/_search

Hello @dadoonet,

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Now i am able to search using two indexes. but in dev tools, when i performed any query using two indexes , i can scroll for only 10 results on right hand side even if i can see total count as more than 10. so is that a limitation with dev tool? and what needs to be done in order to see all the results?

Priyanka Yerunkar

You can run:

GET /index1,index2/_search?size=1000

Where you'll get the first 1000 hits. At most, you can get by default 10000 hits. If you need more, you should use the Scroll API instead.

Hello @dadoonet,

Thank you for your help!!!
This resolves my problem.


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