Reporting capabilities: Power Bi (Desktop) vs Kibana canvas

Hi team,

I would like to make a comparison between reporting capabilities between Microsoft Power Bi and Kibana Canvas. I know pretty well Power Bi and I would like to understand better whether under the hood Kibana Canvas has at least the same capabilities of Power Bi or even more, compared with my scenario. So here some questions:
a) about table visual, is there the possibility to show data with header on rows rather than on columns?
b) Is there the possibility for a user viewer of Canvas to conditionally jump from one page to another page triggered by a particular condition with the aid for example of a button?
c) apart from "time filter" and "dropdown select", are there other ways to filter data in a visual?
d) is there the possibility to use "Excel conditional formatting" in a table view to , for example, highlighted some values (for example, >threshold)?
e) Is it possible conditionally hiding some visuals?


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