Reporting error / Bad Request

Hello World!

Kibana' user added (very long) Elasticsearch Query DSL (via filter), followed by Share->Generate CSV CSV report, yet error bellow was displayed at the bottom right corner.

Reporting error

Bad Request

I've looked at both elasticsearch and kibana logs, however didn't see any errors in the logs...

How does one troubleshoot issue like this?

Please advise.

You may try increasing the verbosity of the Kibana logs by setting logging.verbose: true in kibana.yml.

If the Kibana logs are not helpful, maybe check the web browser's console log for errors.

after configure logging.verbose to true seeing following error:

Event is being forwarded: clientError

not sure how useful it is... via web browser console log:

(anonymous) @ commons.bundle.js:3
Promise.then (async)
(anonymous) @ commons.bundle.js:3
step @ vendors.bundle.dll.js:524
(anonymous) @ vendors.bundle.dll.js:524
(anonymous) @ vendors.bundle.dll.js:524
__awaiter @ vendors.bundle.dll.js:524
kfetch @ commons.bundle.js:3
_callee$ @ commons.bundle.js:4
tryCatch @ vendors.bundle.dll.js:490
invoke @ vendors.bundle.dll.js:490
prototype.(anonymous function) @ vendors.bundle.dll.js:490
step @ commons.bundle.js:4
(anonymous) @ commons.bundle.js:4
(anonymous) @ commons.bundle.js:4
(anonymous) @ commons.bundle.js:4
ReportingPanelContentUi._this.createReportingJob @ commons.bundle.js:3
ka @ vendors.bundle.dll.js:212
invokeGuardedCallback @ vendors.bundle.dll.js:212
invokeGuardedCallbackAndCatchFirstError @ vendors.bundle.dll.js:212
Fa @ vendors.bundle.dll.js:212
Ja @ vendors.bundle.dll.js:212
La @ vendors.bundle.dll.js:212
Ha @ vendors.bundle.dll.js:212
Oa @ vendors.bundle.dll.js:212
Pa @ vendors.bundle.dll.js:212
Td @ vendors.bundle.dll.js:212
batchedUpdates @ vendors.bundle.dll.js:212
dc @ vendors.bundle.dll.js:212
Xd @ vendors.bundle.dll.js:212
interactiveUpdates @ vendors.bundle.dll.js:212
Wd @ vendors.bundle.dll.js:212
commons.bundle.js:3 Detected an unhandled Promise rejection.
TypeError: Cannot read property 'status' of undefined
commons.bundle.js:3 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'status' of undefined
    at commons.bundle.js:3

I believe it has something to do with using very long query... possibly a bug?

Yeah, that could be a bug. You can file an issue for it in the Kibana repo. The engineers will want to be able to recreate the error, so any information about your setup that you can share will help.

I believe it's fairly easy to reproduce, as our Query DSL consist of ~14k lines.

Kibana has state:storeInSessionStorage in Advance Settings, yet when URL passed to Reporting Kibana no longer is using that feature and URL becomes too long and I believe that's what is causing error...

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