Reporting error Request-URI Too Long / Reporting error Bad Request

Elastic cloud 6.5.2 / Kibana 6.5.2 for some dashboards, when requesting PDF report I receive error:
Reporting error Request-URI Too Long

I didn't experience this before upgrading to 6.5
Dashboard is correctly rendered on screen.

When switching to external Kibana server (elastic search on elastic cloud, kibana 6.5.2 installed on EC2 from rpm) I got : Reporting error Bad Request

For other dashboards I get pdf without problems

I dont know if this will help or not. It definitely allows the IE browser lovers to use Kibana. IE does not support long URL's. Change the Kibana advanced setting of: state:storeInSessionStorage to "On"

I tested it and it didn't help.
I am using chrome normally but the problems seems to be not browser related

Elastic team please give any guidance what to do?

Problem continues with 6.5.3. Only small dashboards are processed. Bad request for bigger, that worked fine in 6.4.x

Any news on this? We are seeing this in 6.5.1 and it is a blocker for us.

6.5.4 same problem
I issued bug in github: Reporting error Request-URI Too Long #27728

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