Reports that output in different languages?

Hi, I'm new to Kibana so apologies if this is a really dumb question. I've had a quick search for similar topics before but maybe wasn't searching for the correct thing. I wondered if its possible to translate my reports into different languages?

Consider someone writing a technical report using my application, in say German, then we want to create a Kibana report to generate a PDF output of the technical report in a different language, say French.

Is there a a kibana feature or plugin that supports this kind of language translation? Can you direct me to it or any supporting documentation?

Any other hints/suggestions welcomed,


Hi @ianturner01 welcome to our community!

Kibana has these language settings currently supported, select Kibana version to the right to see documentation for another version:


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Thanks @LizaD , I think that's something else.

If I understand correctly that's the ability to change the language settings on the installation of Kibana itself. What I'm seeking to do is translate the output of my Kibana report from one language to another. It's possible I'm misunderstanding though.

That is correct @ianturner01 the settings described in the docs are for the installation, I am not aware of a way to just translate the output of the kibana report. I will see @tsullivan if he knows anything further. Thanks.

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What is your application? A Kibana plugin? A Kibana dashboard? How does your application allow people to write technical reports?

Kibana has a Reporting plugin which captures the visual rendering of your dashboards as a PNG or PDF. It doesn't modify, mutate, or translate the visual rendering so it sounds like the Reporting plugin doesn't have the solution you need.

thanks Tim, the application is a more traditional OLTP application that uses kibana to provide some reporting capability within it. The technical reports will be created by developers, from what I've seen kibana isn't an end-user development tool.

What the end-users may want to do is run a report that outputs in different languages - either their default language or maybe they specify it at run time.

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