Role based access control for Kibana and Elastic Search

(Harshal Yeole) #1

I am new to Elastic and Kibana. Using Version 6.2.4.
I have installed the ELK stack with the X-pack enabled on it.
Now I have Kibana working on port 5601 with authentication and elastic working on 9200 with authentication.

Here is what I want to achieve by Kibana:

  • Get visualisations for the data
  • Give different roles to different users
  • Based on role, restrict the user access for data
  • Example users will be Admin, user and anonymous user

Can this be done using Kibana? If No, what wrong I am expecting?

If yes, then I am facing a issue I have stated below:

I know how to create the users. Curl call below create

curl -XPOST -u elastic 'localhost:9200/_xpack/security/user/ingestadmin' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{
  "password" : "tudip123",
  "full_name" : "Ingest Admin",
  "email" : "",
  "roles" : [ "ingest_admin" ]

(Djtecha) #2

Yes, in fact I have tied it in to LDAP and used a mustache template to limit the users to specific documents based off of their role.

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