User Role Management in Ki

Hello Everyone,

We are currently trying to build a Product using ELK stack on top of our existing application. Currently we are trying to figure out how we can achieve user+role management. For example, We need to be able to restrict visualizations on the basis of role.

We want a user to sign in, and then as per his role, we should show him that dashboard and visualzisation e.t.c. We don't think it is possible at all in kibana.

Can you shed some light here.

We have explored an alternative Xpack as well. That does provide some form of access control, but that is only till a user can read or write. What we want is custom menus or hide and display dashboards on the basis of role. But we are still not clear if this is possible.


I left a similar reply at User role management, let me know if that helps.

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