User role management


I have a requirement to define visualizations and dashboards and assign them to specific roles i.e manager can view "monthly sales dashboard" while sales person cannot view that dashboard. Then add a user to manager role and that user can access "monthly sales dashboard". I also want to add a menu/navigation bar

Is it possible to achieve in kibana with any plugin or even with the xpack. Since xpack only provide solution access control to read and write. We need something to control the visualisations. such as admin should be shown more dashboards and visualisations and normal user should be shown less.


Kibana with x-pack doesn't have strict support for this but there are some workarounds. Currently any user with access to kibana has access to the entire .kibana index, where all saved objects are stored. That doesn't necessarily mean they have access to the data these saved objects request, however. The normal user loading a visualization without access to the underlying indices will get a no results found response.

It's also possible to have multiple kibana instances running with different kibana indices. Normal users would have access to one list of saved objects, and administrators would have access to another. This setting can be configured in kibana.yml as kibana.index.

The navigation bar you're looking for is commonly done with a markdown visualization with links to other pages. If that isn't enough you can also write a plugin

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