Role kibana_user_dashbord_only problem

When I connect me with a user who has the role kibana_user_dashbord_only, I see nothing. It's like I have nothing in my cluster.

With kibana_user_dashbord_only:

Here my user with his role:

My dashbord with superuser:

I use the version 6.2.2.

Does someone have an idea of problem ?

Have you created a role that gives access to the indices that hold data? Have you assigned this to the user with the kibana_user_dashbord_only role?

No I just use this role as is.

You mean it's necessary to create something like this ->

Create a role that has read access to just the indices that hold your data. Do not include .kibana here. Then add this new role as well as the kibana_user_dashbord_only role to a user.

It was simply in fact, I didn't think at this solution.

Thank you.

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