Roles related to infra UI

(Siva) #1

We are experimenting infra UI and logs UI. Going good so far, except few known issues which are getting discussed in forum.

But when providing access to the users we are having difficulty. We have a scenario where we need to provide users read access for dashboard and ( logs UI or infra UI ). How can we setup this role and provide user no access to other menus.

(Chris Cowan) #2

I believe what you are looking for is role based access control (RBAC) which is not available YET...

Good News, the Kibana team has been working hard on this which you can follow along here: It looks like this should ship with 7.1 when it's available.

(Siva) #3

That's a good news.

But in the mean time is there any other workaround available ?

(Chris Cowan) #4

For now, the work arounds are limited to indices permissions. You can prevent users from seeing the data but you won't be able to prevent access to the different apps.

(Siva) #5

Thanks I will wait :slight_smile: