Same field different values on Discover and on Graphic

Hello all,

I'm having a trouble of using a field that shows me a value on Discover but a different value when I use to plot a vertical bar.


But when I use the same field to plot a vertical bar graph, it shows me this:

If the picture is not clear, the value showing on tooltip: 84.787.520

The response tab on the graph is showing me this:

Someone have seen this before?

Histogram's are keyed by the start value of the bucket, and the width is the interval defined in the aggregation request. So I think this is just a case of seeing the histogram key instead of the original value. If you put a max aggregation inside that bucket I imagine you'd see the original value since there is only one document

Actually is showing only one value because I used a filter to show that particular _doc. But, the plot must show the sum of all _docs. That's why I'm using sum instead of max.

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