Save a list of split series filters

Due to the bug at #14536 our legend is out of order. To get around that instead of using a terms aggregation we are using a filters one, allowing us to control the order. Only issue is we have 10 or so filters, all with labels, for 15-20 visualizations.

Is there a way to define and maintain this list of filters separately, and have each visualization point to that instead?

Running 6.8.4.

Hi @buncieboy,

One idea that comes to mind is try exporting visualization saved objects. Then find and extract filters configuration from there. Then add this configuration to other visualisations saved objects and import them back to Kibana. Probably this could be automated with your custom external script if it worth it.

Filters format may change between Kibana versions, so in case you go this direction be careful that filters that you might extract and save externally today, could become invalid for future Kibana versions. So you'd had to repeat this extraction step again.

Hey @dosant

Think we will just do it manually, as the effort of setting up a script probably isn't worth it. Just wanted to check I wasn't being stupid and missing something that already existed. Thanks!

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