Save setting Groupby servers by custom field in infrastructure Dashboard


I am able to categorize the servers based on the Group by : "version". But every time I load kibana or any new user logs in, they need to explicitly go and add that filter. Is there a way this filter can be saved for every users who uses the dashboard. ELK V 7.2

Hi @syedsfayaz,

No, it's not currently possible to save a filter for the Infrastructure UI. However, the group by filter is persisted in the URL, so it is possible to set the filter and save a bookmark.

@Kerry Thanks for your reply. It will be a good feature if we can store that settings as we save the filter settings for dashboards.

Currently In my organization I have created these dashboard and want to share across my organization. I don't expect people to know these settings and wanted the infra-dashboard to load by default with this filter. Is it possible to add this feature.

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