Saved Discover Visual Download csv option doesn't provide the result data

Hi All,

I've done an discover visual which has nearly 6k data. I added that visual to a dashboard and tried to download the data as csv. When I clicked on the download csv button which is available in the saved discover visual, it downloads an empty file with the headers alone. Not sure what is the issue behind this. If anyone aware of this kindly post in this forum.

Hi @Susendiran ,

what version of the stack you have?

Hi @Marco_Liberati ,

It's 7.5.1. Thanks in advance.

I would recommend to upgrade to a newer version.
During the route to Kibana v.8.x various fixes have been addressed about CSV reporting/exporting and saved searches.

Thanks for the update @Marco_Liberati. I'm not sure we can upgrade the version since it involes multiple processes and approvals. It would be great if you share anything which we could check and fix on this version.

Does the server reports any error in the logs?

No @Marco_Liberati

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