Search functionality in Elastic Stack fails with a proxy error

when the search is filtered with indices of large size and with more no of days ex: more than 7 days. Steps to reproduce: Login to Kibana service: https://docklin-efk-ks.sel
select index pattern daas* Change the start and end date to get logs from the last 5 days Wait for a few mins as the search takes a few mins and fails with 502 Proxy Error. The same step could also be reproduced even when an index is chosen as a filter and an index value is chosen ex: daas001. There is currently an ILM policy running that will clean most of the indices in the next two days. However, we would like to understand why we started to see this error as we have never seen it before even with indices of large size. It would be helpful in ensuring the search functionality works smoothly.

Hi @Bhanuji_paluri. I would suggest checking your Kibana server logs and Elasticsearch application logs for any errors that might indicate why this is happening.

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