Search Guard 1.7.5 Compatiable?

Hi all,

Does anyone know if Search Guard security plugin is compatible with Elasticsearch 1.7.5? I Haven't been able to find the answer in the documentation.

Thank you for your time,

You may have better luck asking on the search guard forums. As a reminder, the official Elastic security plugin is Shield (the functionality of which has been rolled into X-Pack in newer versions). Also, 1.7.5 is a rather old release: you should likely look into updating regardless.

No, the 1.x line of Search Guard has been discontinued with the arrival of Search Guard 2.x last year. The code for 1.x can still be found in our attic repository, but the code is unmaintained and must not be used in production. Please upgrade to a newer, supported version of Elasticsearch/Search Guard. Supported versions are listed in our version matrix.

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