Search visualization selection disappears


I am using kibana 7.8 and I have a control visualization with 3 "controls".
When I make a selection for the first one and then select "Apply" everything is ok,
but when I make a selection for the first control and then for the second control, before I select "Apply" selections disappear.
I ve checked logs but nothing relevant.
The only error I see is "Terms might be incomplete because the request is taking too long. Adjust the autocomplete setting in kibana.yaml for complete results ".
Thank you in advance.


Do you have Dynamic Options set?

No, Dynamic Option is off and a size is set for that.
I have also increased the kibana.autocompleteTerminateAfter so I don't get the above error message ("Terms might be incomplete...").
Also I opened only the control visualization and there is no problem when I make a selection.
The problem exists for the same control visualization when it is part of the dashboard.

Just now the problem shown to control visualization also (when it is not part of a dashboard)

@warkolm any idea about the problem?

@warkolm Could be this something similar to this?

Can somebody else help here? @matw

Did you check if there are any errors in the console of the Dev Tools of your browser? thx

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