Self-managed Gold subscription infra required is 3-node with 64GB ram, 8 core cpu, 2TB ssd?

Wanted to check with the community if there was a mistake in my understanding.

I was told that Gold subscription is provided to self-managed instances only if the infra we have confirms to the following specs:
3 nodes, each having 64GB ram, 8 core cpu, 2TB ssd.

What we presently have is 1-node, t3a.xlarge (16GB ram, 4 core cpu, 1TB ssd from ebs). Are we eligible for ELK Gold subscription of self-managed infra?
The need for Gold subscription is only for obtaining email alerts.

Thanks for your time in reading this query and replying.

The community won't be able to confirm this, because it's a contractual agreement between yourselves and Elastic (ie "us").

However if that's a little too much for your budget, you should look at our Elasticsearch Service.

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