Sending data to ES via Google Load balancer a good idea?


I'm want to replace my old cluster in AWS with a new one in GCP, while there, I restructured the layout of the cluster a bit, i.e. have separate master and data nodes, and Kibana running on separate hosts, instead running on ES cluster nodes.

My ES cluster nodes are behind Google Load Balancer. With Kibana now separate, I pointed it to the Google Load Balancer to talk to ES. It kind of worked, but was very slow and sluggish, see: Kibana slow and sluggish when connecting via GCP tcp loadbalancer to ES - #4 by jsanz
Only after pointing Kibana directly to the ES cluster nodes, Kibana worked like a snap.

I'll intend to use elastic-agent on the client nodes. Not every agent will have direct path into Google Cloud, therefore my idea was to point them all to the public Google Load Balancer. Now with the Kibana experience, I'm wondering if it will hinder performance of the agents, and underlying Beats, pushing their data into ES?

Is there any experience with Beats sending data via Google Load Balancers in front of ES cluster?