SEO friendly URLs in React

Can someone please share the sample in which our facets/filters will work on behalf of the SEO friendly URLs instead of the following URL


The URL should be like http://localhost:3000/?store=abcd-store


Is the overall goal to be SEO friendly or just like SEO friendly which just means keywords in the URL.

Asking because it would only matter if Kibana was crawlable with no authentication by the search engine and the URLs on the dashboards/visualizations apps were using that specific URL since that is the URL the search engine will record. Which those links aren't SEO friendly so it wouldn't have an effect.

Either way I don't believe it's possible but maybe one of the developers knows of a way.

Thanks for the quick response

Actually, I want to build the whole functionality through the SEO friendly URLs instead of encoding URL so kindly let me know, Can we implement this in the React?

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