Set Default Filter Field

Hi All

is there any configuration for setting default filter field (pict 1) in kibana like in pict 2 ?

I am not sure I understand your question. Are you talking about about being able to set the filter pill label? In your example, what does the time filter have to do with the filter pill? Can you add a little more detail describing your use case, specifically what you are trying to do, and how you are limited from completed that task.

I just want to set the default filter in Figure 1 so that when other users make changes, when logging out the changes will return to default.

it's like time filter, it can set to default, example default today

Filter pill state is stored in the URL during your session and permanently persisted in saved objects. As long as you do not save the visualization/discover search/dashboard then any changes you make locally to the filter pill will not be persisted to other users.

Can you describe your use case in a little more detail?

hello Nathan

thanks for your help. I should have realized from the start that the filter can be used in visualization so the dashboard doesn't need any additional filters

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