Set length limit and bottom scroll bar in Exceptions table

Version: Elasticsearch 7.16.2 & Kibana 7.16.2

Hi, everyone

In the case of creating a rule with a long name may hinder exceptions workflow. For instance, if I create a rule with the name:

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After adding an exception, it is difficult to deal with it because of rule name.

From my point of view, there are several ways to fix it:

  • Set a lenght limit for rule name
  • Add botto scroll bar in order to edit or remove exception rule.

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Hey there @RdrgPorto! :wave:

Thanks for reporting this! :slightly_smiling_face: Looks like there's an open issue tracking this here, and I also recently did an audit of overflow issues around the Rule Details page and documented them here in this issue.

I've commented on the issue for prioritization and hopefully we can address these issues here in the near-term.


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