Setting up elasticsearch and kibana behind a single AWS application load balancer (on http)

Hi Experts,

I am setting up the elasticsearch and kibana on amazon ECS cluster. I am able to run the elasticsearch and kibana from official docker images (v7.8.1) on Ec2 nodes.

I have configured the elasticsearch target group behind an ALB and able to access elasticsearch from ALB dns name. Listner rule path is "/*"

Further, I have configured an another target group for kibana and configured it behind the same ALB with different listner rule (/app/kibana). However, when I am trying to access the kibana console from browser, then it shows a blank white screen (Not even kibana logo).

Both elasticsearch and kibana ecs containers are running on the same ec2 nodes in the ecs cluster.

Note: When I created a different ALB for kibana then I was able to access it, but my requirement is to get them working under the same ALB.

Any help on the above issue would be appreciated. ?

Are you only forwarding requests to /app/kibana to the Kibana port? There are lots of resources loaded from other paths, you can scope it to something else by using server.basePath in your kibana.yml:

So you should to something like using /kibanaRoot as the base path, then forward everything below that in your AWS config and you can access kibana at /kibanaRoot/app/kibana.

Apologies if I got something wrong about the AWS parts here, I'm not really familiar to it.

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