Shield and Marvel development licenses


(Tim Dunphy) #1

Hey guys,

I've just built a total of six 3 node elasticsearch clusters at my company. And I just heard today that we bough enough licensing for both marvel and shield to cover all of them.

But I also have a private development lab where I'd like to use both as a proving ground for the stuff I do at work.

Is there a free to use development license for both marvel and shield that I can get my hands on? If so how long is it good for? If there a completely free level for personal non-commercial use?


(Patrick Kik) #2

I have about the same use case here. Thought I'd share that there's more demand for development licenses.

(Steve Kearns) #3

Hi Tim,

We're very happy to have you as a customer! When the deal is signed, we will automatically send you your production licenses, and our support/services team will reach out to schedule a kickoff call where we learn about your environment, discuss best practices and set the stage for working together.

Our current policy is that you may use your production licenses on any test/development clusters that are part of your covered production clusters, so it sounds like you will probably be covered, though we can discuss in more detail on the kickoff call.


We're committed to helping folks like you find success with our products. In addition to the policy I outlined above, we also offer Development Subscriptions, which have a fixed term, and provide licenses to our commercial products and also give you access to our support and services teams to answer questions, provide architectural guidance, help with query/cluster optimization, and help make sure you're successful. If this isn't suitable, or you have more detailed questions, send me a PM and I'll connect you to the right folks at Elastic.


(system) #4