Slow performance in Kibana

I have changed the payload size of Kibana from 1048576 bytes to 54689132 bytes and we have now noticed a slight degradation in performance in Kibana.

Does anyone have any steps to help isolate where the performance degradation is occurring? the ELK stack is on version 6.0.0

I would recommend the first step is to check the browser dev tools, seeing how long the response takes to come back: Does the browser hang up on a request made to Kibana ? I would just suggest to take a look at dev tools to see if it's network related. Also you could probably turn on verbose logging for more info.
It is most likely heavy queries which causes the slow performance but it could be anything with the given info.

Set the logging.verbose: to true to log all events, including system usage info and all requests. Default is set to false.


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