Some questions regarding dedicated monitoring cluster


I've setup a dedicated 3-node monitoring cluster. Using 6.3.2 throughout. Currently I can see monitoring data about the monitoring cluster itself.

Q1: With Basic license, can I setup one other cluster to export monitoring data to this cluster and then visualize in the dedicated Kibana instance of the monitoring cluster?

I've tried this, but to start with I just configured one coordinating node of the production cluster to export data. I don't see any data being pushed though. Which brings me to the second question:

Q2: Considering a cluster setup with various node roles (master only, coordinating only, data only - warm and hot), in which nodes do I need to ensure export of monitoring data to start seeing monitoring data? Not sure what would be the good practice here. All of them? Just the masters?

P.S. Setting is set to false all around, intentionally. There's no configuration whatsoever regarding credentials, and would like to keep it that way if possible.



All of them.

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