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I'd like to check the source code for the built-in Enterprise connectors that are used in the enterprise-search docker image for Confluence Server. For example, I'd like to check connectors/lib/connectors/middleware/restrict_hostnames.rb and connectors/content_sources/atlassian_server/custom_client.rb.

However, I was not able to find them at GitHub - elastic/enterprise-search-ruby: Official Ruby client for Elastic Enterprise Search, App Search, and Workplace Search. I'm using version 8.9 of the Elastic stack, but I was only able to find similar files for an older version (8.3) on GitHub, but they does not seem to be exactly the same:

Also, I found this PR that removes these files, but I could not find any details there.

Is the source for the enterprise-search available?

Also, in another post the Python-based connectors were mentioned as an alternative to the built in Ruby connectors. What are the relationship between the connectors? Is it planned to deprecated the Ruby based connectors, to be replaced by the Python tooling?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @dodiehun ,

The files you’re referencing are part of Elastic Enterprise Search’s Workplace Search product. Unfortunately, this product is not open-source, and you won’t be able to access the source code on GitHub.

The connector code you have found is for a different set of connectors which are not intended to be used with Workplace Search, but are more generic and allow more direct control in and through Elasticsearch. You can find the docs for these connectors here: Elastic connectors | Enterprise Search documentation [8.10] | Elastic

Thank so for the clarification @Sean_Story !

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