Specific API keys, specific data on dashboard

Hi everybody,

I'm new here, happy to see you all.

I am currently brainstorming for a project and right now I'm gathering ideas. I want to create a external webapp and display a kibana dashboard (through Iframe) that shows geographical logon attempts from different sources (Gmail, microsoft azure etc.). I am still looking if it's possible to pull the data from the API sources and send it to Elastic (and yes, I will look into the terms of agreement of each API source).

My question:
Is it possible to visualize a geographical map, and only show data to the user based on API keys that they fill in? So customer a can only see his/her data on the dashboard, and not the data of customer b. And if it's possible, do I just have to create one dashboard and use filtering, or do I have to automate that a new dashboard will be created based on the supplied API key of the user?

Thank you so much in advance <3

Hello @sukuna!

This seems quite possible, but be aware that users would need to log into Kibana through the iframe. I'd recommend looking into document level security.

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Thank you so much, will check this out!